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Adhesion slide talk about safekeeping of glass instruments

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-05-05      Origin:Site

Glass instruments should be kept in separate categories for easy access in the storage room.The glass instrument that often USES is put in experiment ark inside, want to place safe, tall, big put inside, put forward the safekeeping method of a few instruments below.

1.Pipette cleaned and placed in a dustproof box.

2.After titration tube, wash the solution inside, fill it with pure water after washing, cover the glass short tube or plastic sleeve, or put it on the burette holder upside down.

3.After washing the cuvette, put filter paper under the porcelain plate or plastic plate, dry it upside down and put it into the cuvette box or clean vessel.

4.For instrument volumetric flasks or colorimetric tubes with abrasive stoppers, it is best to tie the stoppers and orifices with rubber bands or small cords before washing to avoid breaking the stoppers or mixing them up.A piece of paper should be padded between the plug of the grinding instrument that needs long-term preservation, so as not to stick for a long time.Do not use the burette for a long time to get rid of vaseline pad paper, with a rubber band good piston preservation.

5.Complete sets of instruments such as soxhlet extractor and gas analyzer should be washed immediately after use and stored in a special paper box.

In short, we should be responsible for the spirit of the work, all the glass instruments used to clean up, according to the requirements of storage, to develop good working habits, not in the instrument left behind oil, acid, corrosive substances (including concentrated lye) or toxic drugs, so as to avoid future trouble.

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