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Let's talk about the petri dish procedure

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Test tube specification: the test tube divides the common test tube, has the support test tube, the centrifugal test tube and so on many kinds.The specification of ordinary test tube is expressed as outer diameter (mm) length (mm), such as 15 150, 18 180, 25 200, etc.(1) remove liquid or solid reagents;Petri dish;(2) heat a small amount of solid or liquid;(3) prepare a small amount of gas reactor;(4) collect a small amount of gas;(5) dissolve a small amount of gas, liquid or solid solute.(6) serve as a container for holding when centrifuging

(1) the solution should not exceed 1/2 of the tube capacity, and the solution should not exceed 1/3 of the tube when heated.

(2) do not put liquid into the mouth of the test tube with a dropper;

(3) to take block solid into the test tube to use tweezers, can not make the direct solid into the test tube, prevent the bottom of the test tube rupture;Petri dish

(4) use the tube clamp for heating, and the mouth of the tube cannot be pointed at people.Containing solid heating tube, tube slightly downward, tilt about 45 ° when heating liquid;

(5) heat should be uniform, so as not to boil or burst test tube;

(6) do not quench after heating to prevent cracking.

(7) to preheat when heating, to prevent the tube sudden heat and burst.

(8) when heating, the outer wall of the test tube should be kept free of water to prevent uneven heating and bursting.

(9) after heating, do not wash the test tube before it is cooled to room temperature.

(10) when using the tube clip to take the tube, clip the tube from the bottom of the tube to the upper cover, clip in the upper part of the tube, if the length of the tube is equal to three minutes, then the tube clip on the mouth of the tube at the end of the third part is reasonable.

(11) heating application flame, note: the tube can be directly heated.Beaker conical flask flask funnel condensing tube pipette rubber stopper clarifying lime water colorimetric tube measuring tube dropper gas collector

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