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Nuclear staining by pap staining (adherent slide)

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1. The soaking time of hematoxylin solution is generally 3-5min, but it is necessary to change according to the temperature and fuel condition.Summer or placed longer hematoxylin dye simple coloring, time to shorten;Winter or the hematoxylin dye solution and the use of a longer time than the dilution of hematoxylin solution is not easy to color, time to extend.When hematoxylin staining is used, there are generally two methods:

1) overstaining method: first, deep staining is carried out consciously, and then nuclear staining tends to be appropriate through the process of hydrochloric acid acidification.This method can remove the remaining hematoxylin dyes adhered to the cytoplasm during acidification process, making the cytoplasmic staining more colorful, clear, and often used in mucus-rich specimens. 

2) light staining method: in the process of nuclear staining, the staining time should be strictly controlled to make nuclear staining appropriate rather than hydrochloric acid acidification, but a small amount of hematoxylin in cytoplasm will affect the quality of EA staining.It is mainly used for the specimens with less mucus to avoid the cells to flake out in the process of acidification and flushing by incoming water.In the use of hematoxylin dyeing, must be filtered daily, otherwise hematoxylin crystal will affect the quality of dyeing.Hematoxylin dye can be used for a long time, so add a small amount of fresh dye every day. 

2, alkalization, alkalization also known as blue process, can be used to plump lithium carbonate or 3% ammonia alkalization, the purpose of hematoxylin as early as possible color, time about a few seconds.What's more, the flowing water can make the blue color more beautiful.The alkaline solution also needs to be adequately bleached so as not to interfere with the next phase of cytoplasmic coloring and color preservation after specimen preparation.The differentiation and alkalization solution should be replaced with a new solution at least every day.

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