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Talk about special suction heads

Views:5     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-05-05      Origin:Site

First, extra suction head.

Extra siphons are specially designed for extra samples or extra applications.First, there are the following categories: the first category is the gel suction head (also known as point suction head) : the tip of the suction head or flat or very thin, primarily for electrophoresis test;The second type is wide mouth suction head: the tip diameter of the suction head is larger than that of the general suction head, which is mainly used to remove macromolecular solutions such as proteins.The third type is low adsorption head: the inner wall of this kind of head is specially treated to reduce the surface adsorption force, which can be used to remove viscous liquid;The fourth type is lengthened suction head: primarily used in volumetric flasks and other containers for liquid;The fifth type is external piston suction head: it is mainly used in external piston liquid shifter and continuous distributor, etc.

Second, the applicability of pipette suction head.

The applicability of pipette suction heads is a point of increasing concern for current users. Why?Because not all the suction head can be used in the appropriate range of the brand on the pipette, so laibei again reminded our users in the selection of suction head must pay attention to the adaptability of the suction head.First, we can understand the adaptation of the suction head from the following aspects: first, the specificity of the suction head.Some brands of some series of pipettes can only use its own standard suction head, other suction head can not be used.Rainin's multichannel pipette, for example, has to use its own LTS head;Second, the degree of adaptation of the suction head.The most common case is a pipette can use a variety of suction head, but the effect of the pipette with a different suction head is not the same.Overall, the standard ones are still the best, though some brands, like Axygen's, are still good.Thirdly, the measuring range of the suction head and the pipette should be matched.In general, the volume of the pipette should be greater than or equal to the maximum range of the pipette. For example, a 200ul pipette can be used for pipette with the maximum range of 20ul, 100ul and 200ul.Fourth, the specificity of the suction head of the large-range pipette (5ml, 10ml and 20ml).It is difficult to find a substitute for the standard suction heads of the large-range pipettes of various brands.Therefore, if we need to acquire suction heads, it is suggested that we tell the supplier the type of suction head applicable to us or at least supply the brand and range of the pipette we use.

Third, biological pollution.

Now, a growing number of users will plead for the heads to be rna-free, dna-free, dna-free, and free of heat and ATP contamination.This is a good view, but leiber had to point out two things: first, the heat-sterilized suction head is not a complete guarantee of non-biological contamination, and processes such as gamma ray processing are needed to ensure non-biological contamination.Therefore, it is almost impossible for users to process the general suction head into the non-biological pollution suction head, and the non-biological pollution cartridge suction head purchased shall provide the corresponding certificate indicating the viewing data of the corresponding item.There is no data on the certificate or even the suction head without a certificate, which cannot be proved to be completely pollution-free;Second, bagged suction heads are not guaranteed to be free of biological contamination.The suction head only needs to contact the air to have the possibility of biological pollution, and the general sealing bag can not guarantee that the suction head does not contact the air completely in the process of storage and transportation;In addition, the self - sealing bag is sometimes broken by suction head.Therefore, if you have a high request for the suction head, then you must ask the supplier to understand whether the suction head is equipped with a certificate indicating the corresponding items to view the data.

Fourth, with filter element suction.

A filter cartridge is a filter element (usually white) at the upper end of the filter cartridge.The filter element is usually made of polypropylene, similar to the filter tip structure of cigarettes.Because of the existence of this filter element, the removed sample cannot enter the inside of the pipette, and then it can protect the parts of the pipette from being polluted and corroded. More importantly, it can also ensure that there will be no cross contamination between samples.Therefore, the suction head with filter element is also the first thing to remove volatile and corrosive samples.Of course, the price of filter cartridge suction head is relatively high compared with the general suction head, and its market share in China is very low.Moreover, the domestic filter element suction head is very few, its filtering effect is also difficult to be satisfied.

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