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Tell you what is the centrifugal test tube and beaker

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The centrifuge tube is expressed in milliliters.All-glass distiller:Branch distillation flask, hardness glass volume 100 ml, comply with the regulations of GB/T7534 the value of the thermometer range 50-70 degrees, dividing a value of 0.1 degrees Celsius swirl separator, kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus, oil-water separator, fast extractor, oil moisture meter, fat extractor, condenser pipe, with test tube, centrifugal tube, plug colorimetric tube, tube, calibration test tubes, glass rod, cover glass, glass, separatory funnel, peach separatory funnel, conical separatory funnel, spherical separatory funnel, petri dish beaker is a common laboratory glassware, usually made of glass, plastic, or heat-resistant glass.The beaker is cylindrical and has a slot on one side of the top for easy pouring.Some beakers are also marked with a scale on the outside so that the volume of liquid in the beaker can be roughly estimated.

Beaker can be generally heated, generally should be evenly heated when heating, it is best not to dry burning.

Beakers are often used to prepare solutions and as reaction vessels for larger amounts of reagents.In operation, glass rods or magnetic stirrers are often used.

Common beakers for petri dishes are: 10mL, 15mL, 25mL, 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 400mL, 500mL, 600mL, 1000mL, 2000mL.Beakers are the most commonly used reaction vessels for simple chemical reactions because their diameters are the same up and down.The solution volume inside the beaker can be estimated when there is a scale on the outer wall.Some beakers also have a small area on the outer wall that is white or fringed, where the name of the contents can be written in pencil.If there is no such area on the beaker, the name of the contents can be written on the label paper and affixed to the outer wall of the beaker for identification.When reactants need to be stirred, they are usually stirred with a glass rod.When the solution needs to be moved to other containers, the mouth of the cup can be tilted towards the side with a prominent gap, and the solution can be poured out smoothly.To prevent the solution from flowing down the outside of the cup wall, a glass rod can be used to gently touch the cup, and the solution attached to the cup can flow down the glass rod smoothly.

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