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What is the general thickness of the attached slide

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The thickness of microscope adhesive slides is generally 1 mm, which is the standard for distributing slides and the thickness of slides is generally 76x26mm.


General thickness of 2 mm or less for general inspection, that is appropriate.


In microscopic examination of phase difference and dark field microscopes, the requirement for slide thickness is very serious.For phase difference microscopic examination, the thickness of the slide is generally requested to be within 1mm.


The dark field concentrator used for dark field lighting is usually labeled on the concentrator for the thickness of the glass slide. Generally, there is an extra type of glass slide within the range of 1.0 to 1.2mm, which is called concave glass slide.


Another type of slide is on a flat surface.With a ring of glass or metal.It is of the same use as a concave glass slide, but its surface is flat, so as not to cause optical obstruction.

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