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The medical device industry is the biggest beneficiary of the new medical reform policy. With the development of economy, the addition of health investment, the aging of personnel and the strong support from the state for the innovation of medical device skills, the development potential of the medi



Nuclear staining by pap staining (adherent slide)

1. The soaking time of hematoxylin solution is generally 3-5min, but it is necessary to change according to the temperature and fuel condition.Summer or placed longer hematoxylin dye simple coloring, time to shorten;Winter or the hematoxylin dye solution and the use of a longer time than the dilutio



Treatment of paraffin section adhesion slides

1. Slide processing:High temperature, high pressure, radiation and other factors can easily lead to dissection during antigen repair.To ensure the normal operation of the test, several reagents such as zli-9001 apes, zli-9003 histogriptm or zli-9005 poly-l-lysine provided by our company can be selec



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